Regular and proper nutritional food, a balanced diet containing adequate carbohydrate, protein, fat, minerals with appropriate healthy exercise will keep hairs healthy.

Personal hygiene and hair care practices like regular oil massage for the scalp and shampooing, combing of the hair, daily bath and conditioning.

A proper treatment for any infections like furuncles (boils) and fungal infection needs to be taken for better hair care.

Avoid using crude extracts of oil, flowers and herbal preparation over the scalp. Please consult your nearest dermatologist for more tips on hair care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que - 1 : What are the common causes for hair loss?

Ans: Stress, nutritional deficiencies, underlying chronic medical disorders like – thyroid and diabetes, malignancies, acute fever, worm infestations and acid peptic ulcers.

Que - 2 : Does change in places affect my hair?

Ans: Climatic conditions and water do not influence hair loss.

Que - 3 : Who are the Persons prone for hair loss?

Ans: Crash diet, poor nutrition, alcoholism, smoking, prolonged illness, faulty hair care practices and hereditary factors contribute for hair loss.

Que - 4 : Will there be increased hair loss during pregnancy and lactation?

Ans: Yes, there will be increased hair loss during that period however it is reversible.

Que - 5 : How does a dermatologist treat hair loss?

Ans: A dermatologist will evaluate and investigate the cause and treat it specifically. Several topical and systemic preparations are available. Consult your nearest dermatologist for appropriate treatment.

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